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Contract Law

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Contracts, voluntary arrangements between two or more parties that are enforceable by law, are an integral part of the business world, and even our personal lives. A written contract is one of the easiest ways to formalize an agreement and protect yourself and your business. While verbal agreements can be considered contracts, a clearly drafted, written agreement will save time and money in the long run, and can offer more protection in the case of a dispute.

The Schatzman Law Firm can draft, review, negotiate, and amend contracts for you, so you can enter agreements with full understanding of the terms, conditions, and obligations. We can draft, review, negotiate, and amend contracts in practically any industry, including commercial contracts, buy-sell agreements, purchase or sale agreements, leases, non-compete and nondisclosure agreements, and independent contractor agreements. From your personal life to your business life, our team will help you through the contract life cycle.

Sometimes, contract disputes arise. Whether there is a breach of contract or a contract dispute, there are various potential remedies. We will use best efforts to pursue the most efficient and effective resolution including negotiation, and, if necessary, litigation. The same attorneys who draft and prepare contracts at The Schatzman Law Firm have the skills and experience to pursue litigation if required.